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Billions of Dollars in Seized Property is Auctioned off Every Year at Government Auctions and Police Auctions

That's right - BILLIONS. And most people don't know where or when these government auctions and police auctions are taking place! That is why cars, trucks, boats, real estate, jewelry and many other items are being sold to the highest bidder for pennies on the dollar. Take a look at a few examples of some recent auto sales from government auctions and police auctions last month:

Honda   S2000     2001    22417    $1,050.00
Subaru  WRX       2001    89927    $950.00
Honda   Civic       1997    78872    $450.00
Ford      Mustang  2000    32182    $700.00
Toyota  Corolla    1998    27367    $600.00
GMC     Yukon      2003    36789    $1,200.00
Chevy   Corvette  2001    64522    $1,350.00
BMW     X5           2000    20734    $4,900.00
Acura    Integra    2001    27718    $750.00
Acura    Legend   2004    13878    $840.00

Whether its due to IRS problems, foreclosure, fraud, drug involvement, etc., thousands of people have their personal property seized by the U.S. government and police every year, in order to pay back taxes, fines, court judgments, etc. Their loss can be your gain!

Government & Police Seized Property is Sold Every Week in all 50 States

Name brand merchandise can be purchased at government auctions and police auctions at up to 90% off retail prices. Here is a sample of the brand name merchandise you can expect to find at these little-known government auctions and police auctions:

Car Audio: Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer, Cerwin Vega, speakers, stereos, amplifiers and more.

Computers: HP, IBM, Dell, monitors, printers, scanners and more.

Watches: Rolex, Gucci, Omega, Movado, and more.

Electronics: Digital Camcorders, Cameras, DVD Players, VHS, CD Players and more.

Televisions: Big Screen Projection, Sony WEGA, Phillips Flat Screen, Plasma, and more.

And many more at unbelievable bargains!

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What we do is maintain a constantly updated online directory of when and where government auctions & police auctions take place in the U.S. We will show you where to go to find these great bargains, what to expect, and how easy it is to be the winning bidder for pennies on the dollar. Don't be surprised if you are the only person that shows up at one of these auctions! We'll even show you several online auction sources that you can browse daily.

We'll also show you several exclusive auctions where you can easily acquire mint condition Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other exotic cars for under $40,000 almost every week!



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